Nausicaa Favart Amouroux is a visual artist been born in 1968. She lives and works in Paris’ suburbia (France).

The main theme of its work is situated between the memory, the unconscious, the time, the transparencies and the disappearance.

A search for feelings and sensations, for appearances and disappearances, for the visible and the invisible, translated through artistic expressions which can be pictorial, photographic, installations or videos. This search is not linked to the medium but is to express feelings which touched her, either in the everyday life, or in the sensations, or searches in a spiritual way. Those expressions seem eternal.

The work she sets up consists as often as possible inviting the viewer to put him in a situation, either to think, or to act, or to create, or to rebel.

In photos « Light’s Magic », « Movement », « Scenes of lives » Nausicaa Favart Amouroux seizes the fragility of the being, which vacillates between the assertion and the evanescence of its presence.

Photos « Light’s Magic » can sometimes evoke the tradition of certain pictorial paintings, dreams or still the subterranean presence of the death in the heart of the life: a subtle vagueness often absorbs a part of what constitutes the image, until plunge it partially into dark places evoking one beyond eternity.

Every photography gets its subject in its presence and its absence, in this moment when to be is already to disappear.

The brightness of the white light and the depth of the black get involved confidentially.

This duality expresses himself to evoked a kind of suspended duration close to the trance, to the dream, to the invisble becoming suddenly perceptible in that of moment, as the smoke of a cigarette dissipating in irregular arabesques in the air, the feeling of a distant souvenir or an interpretation of the day after.

Her paintings do not forget to remind us the fragility of the man in the depths of his history, but also the universal man, the deep nature hidden from himself; a representational and suggestive painting.

Her paintings are an invitation to remember, silhouettes appear, carry the thickness of the material and, at the same time fades in the evanescence of the light.

Between impressions and memories, Nausicaa Favart Amouroux's paintings give off feeling connected to an elsewhere.

Her installations, particularly the one about this small cereal which is the rice, show a human and united commitment on the earth.

Street scenes, landscapes, portraits, it remains only the emotion of the souvenir, an indelible track symbolizing the eternal memory.

The magic operates, between abstraction and representation, this new invitation to a journey penetrate our venture’s fiber.



Nausicaa Favart Amouroux